About Eumora Bar

In search of beautiful skin, many of us spends thousands of dollars on facials and spa treatments. But did you now that most high end beauty salons just work on using a secret ingredient- MOOR?
Made of Heilmoor of Austria, this special mud is created over 3000 years and has the essence of over 700 herbs and plants in it.
Heilmoor clay, the formulated ingredient where it is 100% imported from Europe.This product is suitable for all type of skins included sensitive, allergic etc. Eumora is formulated for daily use to cleanse tone, and moisturize the skin for a brighter, refreshed result.
Eumora is also effective as a shampoo and shaving foam. H-ma, or hydro microalgae, is a special complex extracted from algae developed in Europe for application to the skin to help rejuvenate and moisturize skin cells. Algae have long been known as a rich, natural source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids which are essential in the production of lipids and glucids to help moisturize and more importantly help provide essential nutrition to promote skin recovery and regeneration.
HMA is an unique concentration of natural active ingredients, extracted from the essence of MicroAlgae. It is an effective hydrating agent and can help in strengthening the mechanisms of skin defense. It has deep and lasting moisturizing effects while strengthening the defense qualities of the skin barrier, thus giving extraordinary softness and brightness. In addition, HMA is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B12 and niacin which can increase the skin’s energy and protect the skin to stay away from all kinds of pressure. With its absolute compatibility with the skin, it doesn’t irritate, and provides moisture for all types of skin in all climate.



是一个分别来自深湖泊HMA 绝妙的配合,专有成分在所有 产品里。当这两个精彩的配 料加在一起,他们在我们的皮 肤起了奇妙的魔法!
寻找 丽的皮肤,很多人花费几千 美元来做脸部疗程及面部水疗 (spa)。但是您知道? 大部分的高级美容院就只用了 一个秘密的原料湖泊雪泥(MOOR)
制成奥地利的heilmoor 这个特殊本质的雪泥浆创造了 3000,含有超700种类草药 和植物。受管制的项目,一个 好本质的湖泊雪泥(MOOR)大小如肥 皂可以出售高达300USD,在欧洲国 家里它的好处是众所周知的( 常你在互联网找到便宜的是湖 泊雪泥的水制成,而不是湖泊 雪泥本身的粘土)现在你仅花 五分之一的价格, 便可以享受这个宝贵的湖泊雪 为你的脸得到免费水治疗(spa) 每次使用只需RM0.90

这是一个来自藻类的独特配方 ,以保持你的肤光泽。使用 纳米技术来发展使你的真皮层 得以快速和完整吸收,以帮助 你的皮肤保持柔软,光泽和青 HMA也有利于你的皮肤变得更 加健康,并允许它恢复它的自 然能力及迅速增你所有皮 细胞。
涂抹Facial Bar的泡沫在你的脸,能改善你的 肤健康,也同时在你的皮肤 (spa)做用。heilmoorHMA时穿 透你的表皮进你的皮肤器官 排毒。就像给你的脸做总 水治(spa)
为它起的排毒的 做用和令你的皮肤回到平衡(使 个人又都可以有宝宝光滑的 ),它适合所有皮肤类型 论是油性皮肤,干性皮肤, 敏感性肤,白晰皮肤或深色 肤,这Facial Bar对所有类型的皮肤都起效益, 从而使你的皮肤得到平衡及光 泽成长。