Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eumora Facial Bar SAB


In recent months, with rising popularity of the Eumora Skin Health Bar, a number of counterfeit/copy cat products have been filtering onto the market, claiming to be equally as powerful, or even the same as the Eumora Bar, but marketed at much lower prices!

BEWARE! - because most of the time, these bars turn to be totally illegal counterfeit product or simply just pitiful inferior imitations. 

Can You Spot Which One Is FAKE And ORIGINAL?

Can you differentiate which is original and fake eumora? I can tell you this is High-Class imitation ever made. The fake eumora normally sell as low as RM55-RM60 per minibar and RM200 for one box. Yes! That's really 'cheap'.

The reason why I ended up with fake eumora is because people are keep query why other reseller selling at crazy-cheap price compare to certified trader?? I was curious and wanted to see 'how good' is this fake eumora that could fool people's eye and cheat their money easily? By comparing side by side, amazingly it is 99% almost identical! The size, colour, hologram sticker, height, weight, you name it. They are almost the same!! Look CLOSELY (Hologram Sticker) and you'll see the differences.

LEFT: Fake ___RIGHT: Original

Can You Differentiate FAKE And ORIGINAL Minibar?

Look CLOSELY (Sticker) and you will notice that original eumora's sticker has smoother surface and complete design.

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